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November 2022 meeting notes

Bret E Williamson | Published on 11/13/2022
Log in as a member and go to the Member's Only page to access the meeting slides from the document library.  These contain good info on what was discussed.  They also contain weblinks to various websites of interest.

We had a large turnout, over 30 people!  Great to see everybody.

PPORA contributed $750 to our treasury for our support of the APEX event back in September.  That was a pleasant surprise as we weren't really expecting much this year, as we only did one day of support.  Many thanks to 
Becky Leinweber, Executive Director, Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance, and Micah Rice of the APEX organization.  Also thanks to our volunteers who came out and supported the event:  Bret Williamson, Ryan Friend, Mark Reimler, Mike Turner, Chuck Gleason, Brock Munsell, and Paul Zeimantz.
We had an email from Mile High Youth Corps, a land conservation nonprofit in Colorado Springs.  They were checking with us to see if there are opportunities for us to collaborate and work together on OHV trails.  Unfortunately, we don't really have any funding to assign them any projects.  

Mark M. attended a PPORA meeting for us.  Here are his notes from that meeting.  These go along with the notes on our meeting slide:

  • PPORA trash cleanup project was used to create a huge word 'Priceless" that was on display throughout October.  They are seeking input on next year's word.
  • APEX sponsorship is moving from PPORA to Colorado Springs Sports Corp.  Sports Corp has agreed to continue to push money from the race back into local organizations that support it (like CMTRA), and many of the people managing the race will continue to do the same going forward.
  • Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation & Conservation Vision Plan is moving forward.  They will begin rolling out their plan in January and seeking feedback from the community.
  • PPORA has submitted a proposal to the CU Boulder MS in Environment program seeking a student(s) to do a capstone project with them.  The focus of the project would be to create a comprehensive outdoor stewardship message and to improve the accessibility of the PPORA website
  • 2023 Planning:  PPORA will hold their annual State of the Outdoors summit and their Outdoor Industry Leadership Summit

Bill Alspach spoke about the years long Pike San Isabel (PSI) lawsuit.  Here's some basic info:

A decision on the Pike San Isabel (PSI) lawsuit that started around 7 years ago has been made. Environmental groups sued the FS for not following NEPA rules. The environmental groups wanted everything the FS had done since the late '90s closed because the FS didn't properly follow the rules. While the lawsuit progressed, the FS had to close lots of areas while they waited for a decision.  PSI lawsuit has been one of the reasons the FS gives for not building any new trails.  Their position was, "We'll have to see how the PSI lawsuit is decided before we can do anything".  Bill has been working on this for the TPA so he's "the guy" to give us an update on what it means for us riders.

We renewed our AMA Charter affiliation status.

You probably received an email about the comment period for the Penrose Commons BLM trail system.  If not, here's a link to our news item about it:  
Penrose Commons
Please submit a personal comment in favor of adding the user created singletrack trails into the existing trail system at Penrose Commons.  CMTRA will be sending a rep to their meeting in Canon City on November 16th.  We want to have a lot of support for adding these great trails.  

HOLIDAY PARTY at the December meeting.  We'll have wings, sliders, chips and salsa for club members.  Hope to see you there!

The new T-Shirts are now available for purchase ($25).  We have plenty available.  Get yours now! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your leadership team.  We are always available to answer any questions.

                                    Get Out and Ride!!!