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Moab city noise ordinance

Bret E Williamson  | Published on 5/10/2021
Those of you following the Moab noise ordinance issue may watch the council meeting here:
Skip forward to the following hour/minute points to hear what they discussed concerning the noise issue. In the end, they passed it, so beware, if you are riding in the city limits, you are now subject to the 92db noise level and an 85db pass by limit at night. My notes follow:
1h21m: begin discussion of the noise ordinance
Vehicular noise from 8pm to 7am every day of the year
92db level during day, 85db pass-by after 8pm-7am
Some OHVs will not go below 85, Kawasaki TRX1000 will not meet 85db limit.
1h25m: Mayor tries to explain what they are doing, that they aren't opposed to OHVs
A minute later, "Tawny" begins to talk about vandalism. What does that have to do with noise? Nothing. The noise ordinance has nothing to do with the vandalism, but she appears to be trying to associate the vandalism to the motorized community.
Then, Kalen talks about typical "education" efforts, which would have little to no effect on visitors, and then calls out OHVs as having louder exhausts than normal vehicular transit.
The police chief was mute. Not even questioning how to enforce it.
1h33m: Specifics on the noise levels, they get into discussion about human voice levels, then they get into animals making noise. This goes on for about 10 minutes, then they talk about golf courses
1h45m: They start talking about idling vehicles
1h47m: public hearing discussion
1h50m: Ice cream truck discussion
1h54m: Ordinance passes 4 to 1.

Bret Williamson
Vice President